Where will a Trinity Walk take you?

Reopening the centre

Welcome to Wakey! We're back open from December 2 onwards and although Wakefield is in tier 3, all retail will be open. We’ve made some important changes here to give people the chance to safely shop (yey!) and to keep you and the hundreds of people who work here every day safe. Remember, most people now need to wear a face covering by law to protect others when in any shop across England* And if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home and call NHS 119.

It’s essential everyone follows the new rules and systems that we have put in place - thank you in advance for doing so…because we know you’re awesome. We also know it will be a slightly different way of shopping, but we hope this is a step in the right direction towards getting back to what we’d all call normal, in line with changing Government rules.

Thanks to Trinity Walk being a big outdoor centre, it means we have plenty of space on our large, wide malls. We've now installed lots of posters, banners, stickers and barriers reminding you of the new rules throughout the centre. If in doubt, read them or ask one of our lovely team. If you/loved one require additional help, please see our accessibility page and we'll always do our best to help you when here.

So what big changes can you expect to see? Here are the highlights:

  • New one-way systems on all malls – always enter on the left, stay on the left, stay in your marked lane & stay at least 2m from other people
  • Entry points in operation on every mall so please always enter on the left only
  • Arrows and signage will help point you in the right direction of where you need to go
  • You can only cross/leave one-way lanes to access a shop opposite only if it is completely clear
  • Marked boxes outside of stores will have limited capacity for queuing so please queue in direction of arrows and keep 2m apart
  • If a queue box is full, please return later – for safety reasons, please do not cram into it
  • Spots on the mall floors are spaced approximately 2m apart to help you see what 2m looks like to socially distance yourself from others
  • What happens inside stores is directly the responsibility of each store, so please follow their rules and systems
  • Maximum 2 people or 1 family to a lift. If you are not from the same household, please stand as far apart inside the lift as possible
  • Our toilets are open 9am to 5pm but we need to avoid major queues for social distancing so only use them if needed and we advise you bring/buy hand sanitizer if possible
  • Please wear a face covering (if you can) before entering the toilets for other people's safety to help stop the spread of the virus
  • Please be kind to our staff on duty in the toilet block as they have a very difficult job, thank you
  • Toilets will be regularly cleaned for 15 minutes at around 45 minutes past every hour they are open
  • For social distancing, we now allow up to 20 people in the toilet block (including men's and women's toilets) with some areas blocked off to allow extra safe space for people
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in key areas by our lifts and escalators and in stores
  • You may see our cleaning teams spraying/wiping, sometimes with backpacks. Don’t worry, they’re using Aqueous Ozone which contains no chemicals & kills germs
  • Please listen to all staff instructions, this is essential to the operation of the centre
  • Government rules mean if we feel the centre is becoming too full, we may temporarily close entry to some/all malls until numbers thin out and people can socially distance

Please always listen to and follow the advice of all staff. They have a very hard job to do, but with your help it will be made much easier and everyone can have a good time and do what we all love – shop!

Our centre presentation team will be doing extra cleaning of key touchpoints (e.g. handles, rails, keypads) and the centre has an updated detailed risk assessment so we are in line with strict Government guidance on reopening retail. You may see some of our staff wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at times like masks, visors and gloves, but don’t worry – this is just for everyone’s safety.

Car parking charges will be 50p all day, every day during lockdown (Nov 6-Dec 1) before normal charges return on December 2 at the usual prices. Remember, you can get 2 hours free parking (cost of 2 hours reduced from total charge) when you spend £10+ at Sainsbury’s and have your ticket validated at the till. Like a lot of places right now, all payments will need to be card only (no cash) to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. We know this might be an inconvenience for some folks and we're sorry, but it's about paying as safely as possible and we hope to start accepting cash at some point in the future.

Stores will need to do their own Government risk assessment and be cleared as Covid-19 Secure in 2020. So extra safety, cleaning and social distancing measures will be in place in all stores.

We almost don’t need to say this because our shoppers are absolutely fabulous. But we must make is clear we have a zero tolerance approach to anyone visiting the centre who becomes angry, abusive, anti-social or violent towards any staff or customers. Anyone behaving like this will be made to leave and could face a banning order or arrest by the police, who we work very closely with on a daily basis.

And finally…THANK YOU! The safety of all our wonderful shoppers and staff is absolutely our priority and with everyone’s help we can play our part in keeping people safe, giving the economy a boost and enjoying shopping!

This is a live situation and changing regularly due to the impact of Covid-19 and Government guidance, so everything is subject to change.

Got a question? Please click here to message us then select 'general enquiries' and complete the simple form.

Below is an example of how the one-way system layout might look and is of course, subject to change. Thanks!

*some people are exempt from needing to wear a face covering, see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own

Can't see this map properly? Click here to download it to your phone, tablet or PC)


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