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VPZ Stoptober

Stoptober at VPZ, Trinity Walk

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. With Public Health England's annual Stoptober campaign coming up, why not put yourself to the challenge of joining the existing 1.9 million people who have successfully quit smoking.

Since being established in 2012 Stoptober has seen huge success. Statistics show that if you can quit smoking for 28 days, you are 5 times more likely to quit permanently. Smoking is still the nation's greatest killer.

Every year around 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking, and many more live with debilitating smoking-related illnesses. Whereas Public Health England offers continued evidence that states that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. In the UK an estimated 3 million former smokers have made the switch to vaping.

Since 2012, VPZ has helped over 700K people around the country quit smoking. Through expert advice from dedicated and informed members of our team, VPZ can help you quit smoking for good.

Studies have shown that people who vape have a higher success rate when trying to quit cigarettes than those using other quitting methods.

To continue VPZ's mission to make the UK smoke-free, we developed the Vape Clinic, available at our store in Trinity Walk. Through a combination of ongoing research, customer feedback and guidance from industry experts, we created a dedicated service to help smokers switch to vaping. We identified the key reasons people fail to quit are unmet expectations, the incorrect e-liquids at inappropriate nicotine strengths and the wrong initial advice. Head down to our Trinity Walk store, where you will receive a one-on-one consultation with a vaping specialist. They will take you through all the E cigarette starter kits available and ultimately find the right device that fits all your needs.

Our specialists will cover the benefits of each kit and provide you with guidance when it comes to choosing a nicotine strength and flavour of E-liquid. Most importantly, our specialists will teach you how to set up your device and keep it well maintained. This Stoptober, if you are ready to take on the challenge and quit smoking but are unsure where to start, please do not hesitate to come down to your VPZ Wakefield store. We will help and guide you through the whole process.


Article by VPZ.

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