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Ladies, we know. Guys can be hard to buy for. But not really when you get into their brains. Most love something they can play, plug in or drink. We’re not pampering to age-old stereotypes, just working with the facts. So, here’s a selection of just some of the stuff on offer in some of our stores. We strongly suggest you give some of these things a try – you know, just for product knowledge ;-)

Techy stuff and games

It’s not always the most social of boxes in the house, but a games console is often part of a dude’s regular repertoire. So win over his heart with a copy of the latest title thanks to GAME. They really know their stuff, so if you’re not sure whether you want FIFA or Fortnight, they can help. Top tip – buy it early to practice, get good and hammer him on 2 player to show him who really has the skills this Valentine’s. Top picks: Resident Evil 2 reboot of the orginal (plus a pad for romantic 2 player action)

Who doesn’t love a smartwatch? The latest generation look the part too, with everything from a classic/smart style through to something that looks like it fell off the starship Enterprise. Argos has a wide range that can be bought in store or ordered online with the beauty of click and collect – meaning you definitely get what you want and aren’t biting your nails waiting for a delivery. Top pick: The new Fitbit range


Home of Lacoste, Lyle & Scott, Armani, CK – even Alpha Industries’ NASA range – USC fashion has a full half of their store devoted to menswear. They keep it fresh too, so what you see is bang-on trend and fresh in meaning whatever you choose it’s likely to be a winner. Top pick: New Lacoste range for men and CK boxers

Sometimes taken for granted given its historic place on the high street, but Burton is doing some swish work when it comes to gents’ threads. Their suits are not only smart, but they’ve got a solid range of colours and varied fits. Easy to wear and pair with various shirts and shoes, they’re a winner and guaranteed (almost) to make your man feel good. Top pick: Tartan suit jacket with rollneck T-shirt

This is your chance to get him that outfit that you just know will look sexy/smart (delete as appropriate) that he just wouldn’t feel confident getting. So H&M is a great shout. It’s massive, it’s cool, it’s bang-on trend. And not too heavy on the purse either. Head upstairs for the gents’ section. Top pick: Smart casual button jacket with T-shirt and white chinos

A new kid on our block, Box menswear is proving hugely popular. Head there for fashion thanks to the labels he’ll love including Superdry, Sinners, Police, Gym King and more. Weekend wear – for day and night – completely sorted. Great for jumpers and jeans in winter too.

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