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Where will a Trinity Walk take you?

Samsung Gear VR at O2

Ever wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with the avengers in Stark Tower? Or dive to the deepest depths of the sea and see what’s there? 

Now you can with Samsung’s very own oculus VR. Using your own Samsung device (S6,S6 edge,S6 edge+,Note 4,Note 5) and their brand new S7 and S7 edge, it brings the virtual word to you.

Call in to our O2 store on Teall Way and try it out.

There are no bad seats in this theater, the big screen is all yours. So whenever your ready to watch your favourite movie or binge watch your favourite TV show with Netflix or even view your photos through the VR, you can pick the seat and snack and view whatever you like.

Add in fully immersive gaming and you have something VR-ery special!

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Hat-trick of new stores open - TK Maxx, HMV, Menkind

TK Max, HMV and Menkind join Trinity Walk in Wakefield

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