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Where will a Trinity Walk take you?

Did you know that Wakefield sits right at the heart of the rhubarb triangle? Every year, our area hosts a weekend long festival to celebrate its rhubarb roots. This year, we hosted a rhubarb festival of our very own!

We had our lovely mascot, Trinny, walking up and down the centre, handing out sticks of rhubarb rock and exclusive rhubarb recipe cards to the children. We’re hosting an extra-special baking competition to celebrate the rhubarb festival, you can see the card, along with details of how to take part, at the bottom of this post.

Not only was this weekend Rhubarb Festival at Trinity Walk, it was also the grand opening of Trinny’s House! Time Bakery were selling delicious fresh bread out of Trinny’s House over the weekend, with children invited to come inside to decorate their very own rhubarb fairy cakes.

The Rhubarb Tarts, a troop of Molly dancers, (with a very clear, extreme love of rhubarb), certainly entertained our shoppers! Dressed in rhubarb-themed colours, with their faces painted to match, they performed dances that drew in the crowds.

After the Rhubarb Tarts’ performance, a group of Morris Dancers took to the stage, for some more energetic dancing!

Also at Trinity Walk were fairground rides, food stalls, and a lovely little Volkswagen coffee van, Hunky-Dory, that sold delicious coffees and treats to our visitors over the weekend.

As well as all of the above, Handmade Burger Co gave out delicious rhubarb flavoured samples, as well as hosting their very own Man vs Food eating challenge! The winner on Saturday was able to complete the challenge in 15 minutes, followed by a great effort the following day with a time of 18 minutes from one of Trinity Walk's very own security staff!

If you didn’t manage to attend our Rhubarb Festival, but know some little ones that love to bake – you can still enter Trinny’s baking competition! Details can be found on the card below, use the hashtag #trinnyslittlebakers to submit photographs of your best baking!

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