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Charity Collection

We love helping charities where we possibly can. But remember, Trinity Walk is private property, so please note the following rules are to be strictly adhered to:

Charity Collection Requests

If you wish to do a street collection for charity in Trinity Walk, you need the written consent of Trinity Walk management. This should be requested from the Management Team at least two weeks prior to the proposed collection date(s).

When you make a request, you will need to provide details of proposed collection dates and times, the number of collectors, the nature of the collection, a letter of authorisation from the charity, a copy of its annual published accounts and sample of its literature.

Collections should not be made in such a manner as to inconvenience or annoy members of the public. A collector should, therefore, remain stationary and allow visitors to choose if they want to donate or not.

In cases where there is more than one collector, they must be clearly apart.

We try to only allow one charity on site at a time, but sometimes there may be more.

Collectors must comply with any, and all, requests from Trinity Walk management and security staff in respect of location of collectors, manner of collection technique etc.

The management of Trinity Walk reserves the right to ask any, and all, collectors to remove themselves from our site should any of the rules and regulations be broken.

General Charity Collection Rules

The following general rules apply to all fundraising collections at Trinity Walk:

  • persons under the age of 16 are not permitted to act as collectors and it is the responsibility of the promoter of the collection to enforce this.
  • every collector must carry a collecting box, which must be numbered and securely closed and sealed so that it cannot be opened without the seal being broken.
  • the numbering of the collection boxes must be consecutive.
  • all money received during a collection must immediately be placed in a collection box.
  • all collection boxes must prominently display the name of the charity or fund for which the collection is taking place.
  • all collection boxes must be opened in the presence of the promoter and another responsible person, except in cases where the unopened box is delivered straight to the bank (in which case the bank is permitted to open the collection box).
  • the person opening the box must count the contents and enter the amount with the number of the collecting box on a list, which must be certified by that person.
  • payments must not be made to any other collector, or any person, directly or indirectly connected with the promotion.

For more information about charitable collections at Trinity Walk please contact Jane Daisley on 01924 239 413 or email [email protected]

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