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*During the Covid-19 pandemic we have new rules and systems in place, but we want everyone to have the chance to visit. So if you or a loved one needs any additional support please email us on [email protected] or call 01924 239413 before visiting or just ask a member of staff on the malls. We will do our best to make entry to the centre during this time as easy as possible for people with disabilities*

Visiting in a wheelchair or mobility scooter? Bringing kids in prams? No problem.

Our malls are wide and spacious, as are many of our stores. Most stores are on one level along our main malls. Access from the lower mall by Sainsbury's, Next, Asda and the car parks is via lifts, escalators and travelators, so take your pick.

If you need to borrow a mobility scooter or wheelchair, then our friends at the nearby Ridings shopping centre can help - wheelchairs and scooters can also be brought here before you return them to The Ridings. Please double check their opening times here.

Changing Places toilet - our specialist facility is located in the main toilet block (near Debenhams) inbetween male/female toilets. It features a free-standing height adjustable adult-sized changing bed, accessible toilet, sink, partition and electric track hoist (important - please bring your own sling). It is accessible with a Radar key or by asking a member of staff.

For information on disabled parking spaces and more, see here

If you have any specific requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and that includes attending our events for visitors with additional needs. You can find a full interactive map of our centre here.

Where are our toilets? See image below...

Toilets at Trinity Walk

See images of our main entrances to the centre when you're on foot...

....From the car park top level, all flat and lifts/escalators up to main malls

...From the bus station, all flat and no steps

...From the lower mall via escalators and lifts up to main malls, all flat no steps

...From the Asda Living entrance, all flat no steps

Watch a film of our Changing Places facility here:

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